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As you look over the website at, you will notice we feature “Quick Puzzles” as our Daily Crossword. We create and provide free Quick Puzzles (smaller online crosswords than typical 15X15 puzzles) because we believe that they are the best online crosswords for iPhone. Why do we think that? We ourselves solved many puzzles on other puzzle sites, and we realized that the experience was very cramped when working on the larger, standard 15×15 puzzles. So, in order to provide the best online puzzle-playing experience for solving crosswords on an iPhone or an Android smartphone, we reduced the size of our Quick Puzzles from 15×15 down to 9×9, 10×10 and 11×11.

Maybe you’ve never attempted to solve a crossword with these more compact grids and might be wondering: do they really look and play better on an iPhone? We’re glad you asked.

Read below for some facts about Quick Puzzles in Q and A format.

Q. What are Quick Puzzles?

A. Quick Puzzles are short-form, compact crossword puzzles.

Our Quick Puzzle crosswords have been specially designed to be played on mobile devices such as your iPhone. When we say short form, we mean crosswords whose grid size is 9×9, 10×10, or 11×11 in size, rather than the standard 15×15 and larger puzzle grids that you see in the crosswords published in the in daily newspapers and on some other puzzle websites.

Q. Why do you create these smaller Quick Puzzles?

A. Ease of use and playability.

We believe that people in today’s hectic digital world, who rely on their mobile devices to navigate their days, will continue to enjoy crosswords as they always have. However, what we have discovered is that the standard 15×15 crossword is a bit too large for even a newer, larger iPhone. The grid squares have to be tiny to allow the entire puzzle to fit the iPhone screen, so that the solver experiences too many “fat finger” errors when working the puzzle. As you can see, our Quick Puzzles fit an iPhone screen nicely – they are “right-sized” for the devices. Also, Quick Puzzles, we believe, solve an emerging need of crossword solvers who want to get their puzzle challenge on the go, on their iPhone or iPad. Also, since these crossword puzzles look great on iPhones, how much nicer will they look on your iPad, desktop or laptop screen.

Q. Are Quick Puzzles as good as the larger 15×15 crossword puzzles?

A. Yes, Quick Puzzles provide all the crossword challenge and fun you are looking for.

The only differences are the size of the crossword grid and, concomitantly, the number of words to figure out. A Quick Puzzle is made up of roughly 30 Across and Down words combined for a 9×9 and 38-44 for a 10×10 or 11×11, versus around 75-78 words per puzzle for a typical 15×15 crossword.

Think of this: If you only have 10 or 15 minutes to work on a crossword, wouldn’t you be more satisfied to be working on a puzzle that you’ll likely be able to solve in that time? If your answer is yes, then Quick Puzzles are what you’re looking for and, in that sense, are better than 15x15s.

Q. So, you’re saying Quick Puzzles are the same quality as their larger 15×15 and 21×21 crosswords.

A. Definitely.

Phil, our puzzle master [About Phil] uses the same skills, and applies the same rules, to create Quick Puzzles as for the 15×15 themed crossword puzzles. He’s created scores of 15x15s, including a half dozen that have been published in the New York Times. And, just like the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times 15×15 daily crosswords, our daily Quick Puzzles have 9, 10, or 11 letter theme words and clever clueing that add to the challenge of solving the puzzles.

Q. As a puzzle solver, aren’t I being cheated by not having the 75+ words in the 15×15 puzzle?

A. Not at all.

Especially if you don’t have thirty minutes or more to dedicate to solving the puzzle and you have to use your iPhone to work on the puzzle. With the increased playability on iPhone and the great looking display, we’re sure you’ll agree that the best online crosswords for iPhone are Quick Puzzles.

Q. Sounds like you guys don’t like 15x15s. Is that true?

A. Just the opposite.

We love 15x15s just as much as Quick Puzzles. In fact, as you can see on our website, we feature 15x15s along with Quick Puzzles and Sudoku puzzles. 15×15 puzzles fit better on a laptop or tablet screen, and are better suited for weekends, when one has more time to enjoy the puzzle solving experience. In short, we see the 15x15s as a reasonable alternative in those circumstances.

Every Saturday morning we publish a newly constructed 15X15 crossword puzzle at×15/. Our “weekend” 15×15 crossword puzzles each have a timely or clever theme for your weekend enjoyment.

If you want more 15x15s, just let us know. We’ll be glad to provide more 15x15s if you tell us to.

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