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This week we introduced Weekly Blog Posts. The team at YPS has begun writing about their passion for Crosswords both big and small. We hope you’ll read along with us and engage in our growing community of puzzlers of all ages. – Hutch

Learn to Solve Crosswords Like a Puzzle Master

Read the latest blog post by Phil, our puzzle master. Phil explains his top 10 tips for solving crosswords like a master!

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Standard Crosswords

We produce fresh, engaging classic puzzles, built by a master puzzle maker with over 20 years experience.  Guaranteed to be original.

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Don’t always have the time solve a puzzle? QP’s are compact crosswords, quick to solve but still fun. Solve on your PC, Phone, Tablet or in print.

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Love Sudoku? We make things a bit more challenging. We vary the difficulty level, from easy, to medium to hard, over the week.

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High-quality, human generated, professionally-constructed Crossword and Quick puzzles.

We feature 15×15 Crosswords and easier Quick Puzzles for you to play online or print.


We love how technology has made puzzle play more accessible.

Solve puzzles on your home PC, on your tablet or on your mobile device. Start on one device, finish on another.


We post new Quick Puzzles Monday – Friday and themed 15X15 Crossword Puzzles on Saturday’s.

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