about phil

Creator of Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku Puzzles and Word Search Puzzles, our puzzle master has been honing his craft for over 40 years.

phil fraas

Back in 1980, I got interested in constructing crossword puzzles. I managed to get half dozen daily puzzles published in the New York Times. Then, I turned to generating crosswords for weekly newspapers, and built up a list of about 75 or so subscribers in the mid 1980s.

I had to give up constructing at that time because of other professional commitments, but several years ago got back into it.

I enjoy constructing because it is a great challenge: It tests my vocabulary, requires tenacity in finding fits for all the squares in the grid, and it leads to occasional bursts of inspiration in finding my way out a of corner I’ve figuratively painted myself into. I feel a real sense of accomplishment (and relief) when finally the grid is completed.

Hundreds of Crosswords Created

Phil Fraas has had his puzzles published in many newspapers across the U.S. and Canda. Phil has been published in the New York Times newspaper as well!

We're Digital

Phil’s unique puzzles are also converted to digital format allowing play both via browser and mobile. Now, you can get your puzzle on wherever you are. Click the image to start solving!

About Quick Puzzles

It is an challenging time to produce crosswords as our culture goes through the epochal switch from paper to digital communication. We, as constructors, have to figure out ways to fit our puzzles onto today’s favorite communication/reading devices—the handheld and tablet. And, we need to tailor our crosswords to meet the needs of puzzlers living in a fast-paced, sometimes frenetic, world.

My solution has been Quick Puzzles. QPs are compact crosswords, that are a comfortable size for the typical digital screen. These QPs take less time to solve than the more expansive crosswords traditionally seen in daily newspapers. However, Quick Puzzles retain all the fun you  expects from a good crossword—like themes, clever clues, and longer words to puzzle out.

After you’ve given Quick Puzzles a try, let us know what you think.